Natural Alternatives : The best way to discard OTCs

"Do we have any natural alternatives to OTCs?". If you thought no, here we introduce you to some of the best essential oil natural alternatives to OTCs, to a few of our regular problems, like colds, cough allergies, pain relief, anxiety, stress, etc. If it is not possible to entirely switch over from OTCs due to some dependency, it is always possible to drastically reduce and replace their usage with natural essential oils. Many of us knowingly keep using OTCs, without realizing the long-term irreversible effects on our bodies.

Ever thought..! How continuous use of OTC drugs could be so damaging in the long run.?

Prescription and OTC pain relievers are synthetic substances. They are in a way hard digesting for the body, thus not quickly metabolized and eliminated. Our organs’ are less adapted to break down these synthetic chemicals. This in turn causes these toxins to pass through the liver, spleen, and kidneys. And this might end up in waste-holding regions like fatty tissues and even the brain. Perhaps most alarming is that they can disrupt the body’s natural function for subsequent years.

Likewise, certain risk factors associated with using some common OTC drugs like ibuprofen include bleeding, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, constipation ulcers, or holes in the stomach. Taking too much of it or unbridled use can result in an overdose with diverse complications such as stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, kidney damage, and liver toxicity.

Over-the-counter drugs give temporary relief, with permanent damage. When not taken appropriately as directed on the leaflets, or recommended by your physician, the damage could be far-lasting and irreversible. Its misuse with taking frequent or higher doses than prescribed might also cause tolerance, dependence, and finally addiction.

Below are a few common ailments that can be treated with essential oils, with some guidelines:

1- Common colds, coughs, allergies, congestion, and sinusitis

  • Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils ─ These are natural alternatives to ease allergy symptoms. They have expectorant, decongestant, and antiviral properties. Studies have shown their effective results as an alternative to commonly used OTC antihistamines, including diphenhydramine, brompheniramine, and chlorpheniramine.
  • Angelica, camphor, bay, myrrh, thyme, and spruce ─ these essential oils help relieve filled sinuses when taken through inhalation.
  • Laurel leafThis builds the immune system of our body against viruses by strengthening it and boosting the respiratory system.

2Anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, dementia, and pain

  • LavenderThis essential oil has a soothing effect that might relax your muscles. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is used to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, pain & dementia.
  • Silexanthis specific lavender oil supplement helps relieve anxiety. It also seems to reduce the symptoms of depression. Aromatherapy of lavender oil helps reduce menstrual pain and pain after surgery as well.

3- Muscle aches and back pain

  • Helichrysum oil ─ This essential oil is identified to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce muscle pain by lowering inflammation and improving circulation.
  • Rosemary ─ the high camphor content of this essential oil makes it a good warming healer for aching muscles. Its relaxing and stimulating properties of it relax muscles and encourage blood flow circulation within them.

Both these essential oils work as an alternative to well-known pain relief over-the-counter drugs; for instance, Advil, Motrin (Ibuprofen), Alka-Seltzer (sodium bicarbonate/citric acid/aspirin), naproxen, acetaminophen, and aspirin.

4- Headache

  • Lavender, Ambrette, Violet, Chamomile, Rose, and HelichrysumAll these essential oils have relaxing and analgesic properties.
  • Clary sage, Frankincense, and Thyme – These oils relieve tension. Meanwhile, they can serve as an alternative to OTC medications for migraine which includes aspirin, Tylenol (Acetaminophen), caffeine, Ibuprofen, and naproxen.

5- Indigestion, disturb stomach, nausea, or morning sickness

  • Peppermint essential oil ─ this oil aids in digestion. It seems as the best tonic for those with low appetite issues and also helps address motion sickness, stomach disturbance, and nausea.

6- Rashes, eczema, psoriasis, or itchy skin

  • Chamomile, violet, and bergamot ─ These essential oils have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is apt for treating skin inflammation.
  • Geranium, Lavender, and myrrh ─ these essential oils have healing properties that support repairing or healing damaged skin.
  • Marigold essential oil ─ Treats dry or itchy skin.
  • Sandalwood essential oil ─ Relieve extra dry skin

Topical hydrocortisone is available in OTC ointment and can be substituted by the above list of essential oils.

We hope you view this script as a guiding path to decide your medical care. So must try out the afore-discussed essential oils by keeping in view their supreme health benefits for humans. So if you are really looking to detoxify your tissues and organs by using natural remedies that can help you to restore the body’s natural functions, try using essential oils instead of OTC drugs. On the other hand, synthetic drugs can cause long-term irreversible damage to the body.

Thus, essential oils are gaining new attention as an alternative treatment for infections, and other health problems. These essential oils can no doubt serve as the best natural alternative to over-the-counter drugs, the overdose of which can prove fatal.

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