Essential Oil Testing

Essential oil testing is a necessary step in the production and distribution of essential oils. The testing process involves analyzing the chemical composition of the oil to ensure that it meets certain standards of purity and quality. This is important for several reasons:

  • Safety: Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, and can be dangerous if used improperly. Testing can ensure that the oil is safe for use by identifying any potential contaminants or impurities that could cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.

  • Authenticity: Essential oils can be expensive, and there are often cheaper, inferior substitutes on the market. Testing can verify that the oil is authentic, and not a diluted or adulterated version of the real thing.

  • Therapeutic properties: Different essential oils have different therapeutic properties, and it’s important to know the chemical composition of an oil to determine its intended use. Testing can help to identify the compounds responsible for the oil’s therapeutic effects, and can be used to ensure consistency in the quality and composition of the oil.

There are different types of tests that can be used to analyze the chemical composition of an essential oil, such as gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS), which can detect and identify specific compounds in the oil. It is important to use a reputable and accredited laboratory for essential oil testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Our Regular Testing Protocols

At Bhoomi Secret's we strive to maintain

Purity / No Adultration

Naturally Pure and Authentic

Our oils are naturally pure, non-synthetic and genuinely plant-derived. They are free from petroleum derived compounds and are not adulterated with cheap natural plant oils and fillers.

Thorough Testing

By Credible 3rd Party Labs

Product testing is an integral part of any industry. We ensure to get our samples re-checked, and re-verified from independent third party testing labs before sourcing them.


Heavy Metals & Microorganisms

Toxic Heavy Metals like Hg, Pb, Cr, As tested with EU/USP, & micro-organisms by ICP-MS (Intl Testing Methods), to ascertain their quantity, within permissible safety limits.


Tests Results Shared

As per our transparency, we share batch results of our oils qualitative & quantitative tests like GCMS, heavy metals, micro-org., for the reference of our customers, only upon request.

Potency & Effectiveness

Purity Drives Potency

We ensure the best natural growing conditions for our herbs. Sourcing plantations from non-industrialized foothill regions, close to the forests. And this drives the potency of our oils.


Added Value & affordable

Pure & Natural Essential oils are not cheap to produce. After important purity & safety tests performed, it  turns more expensive. Still, we are geared to offer it at affordable rates.