With Natural Oils | Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream

If you ever suffered from insomnia, you would agree, there is no substitute for a good night's sleep..! Only a peaceful sleep, builds the required restoration of your body. To get you ready for the next day. But with the stress and pressure of modern life, sometimes that sleep is hard to come by. And if not attended quickly, it may give rise to other serious problems from anxiety, palpitations, high BP and the list just goes on..
But you would be surprised to know the fact, often natural remedies helps improve sleep. Essential oils when utilized appropriately can surely relieve stress, to offer a quality sleep naturally. Certain plant essential oils are well known for their relaxing effects—using them at bedtime can help combat insomnia and promote better sleep. Other essential oils promote sleep by clearing your airways and preventing sleep disturbances because of snoring or insomnia. Read on for the best essential oils to get your nightly forty winks and then some!

How to use essential oils

A few drops are usually all it takes. The intake options include steam from boiling water pots, air diffusers, or simply massaging directly onto the skin.

Best essential oils for a better sleep

The following options are the best when it comes to essential oils for sleep:

  • Lavender oil

Well known for its number of benefits, lavender oil is top-of-field when it comes to helping with sleep. Many studies have cited the efficacy of inhaling lavender oil to keep insomnia at bay. It is also known to reduce anxiety, which is critical to relaxing at the end of a long day fraught with many difficulties.

  • Ylang Ylang Oil

Perhaps not potent as lavender, yet it isn’t far behind. Ylang Ylang oil lowers BP and heart rate and sets the body up for sleep naturally. Its fruity and pleasant scent of it is something that is calming on its own.

  • Chamomile Oil

Its soothing effects in bringing sleep are more generalized. It has minimal direct effects on the body, but its refined flora of it has a relaxing effect on the mind when diffused in the air. Roman chamomile in particular is ideal for staving off anxiety.

  • Peppermint Oil

Not a traditional sleep aid, this oil however is good for offering restfulness by clearing your head. Its relief effect from allergic symptoms is noteworthy. Once you eventually find relief from allergy, the drop-off to relax sleep is sudden then.

  • Sandalwood Oil

This oil is rich in scent and effective for promoting deep rest. Due to its mood-balancing features, it is unique and it chases you away emotionally. So if you are ready for sleep blends, must include a little sandalwood oil as an ingredient.

  • Marjoram Oil

Many essential oils will help you get to sleep, but this oil will actually keep you there. The rich fragrance really counts to calm you both physically and mentally. It is useful to produce a peaceful sleep where you actually heal and revive.

Last but not the least, these oils are well known for having a deep calming affect overall. They truly help to cater you a healthy sleep. Once you find the right oil for you, your midday yawns will be a thing of the past! So, must try them out to get out of more sleepless nights.

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