An Essential Oil Overview

Remember the refreshing breath from your last walk into the woods. Yes, It is the essence of its herbs, which have been found to have a great impact on our physical as well as mental health and wellness from ancient times. Some herbs solve your skin issues while some are specifically for your relaxation and concentration. Wo! This is why saints used to live in forests for spiritual practice- Aah! you got it right!. In this article we walk you through an outline of essential oils.

How it will be if you may have the pleasure of “forest bath” at home? Well, so is here your essential oil and why you need it. The essential oil is named after the ‘essence’ of the plant’s wood.

Essential oils are highly volatile & concentrated extracts. There are harvested from different parts of plants, herbs, or trees. Be it the seeds, grasses, roots, barks, stems, leaves, fruits, flowers, resins, and zest, which are steam distilled or cold-pressed. These pure, precious oils are more potent than the botanicals from which they’re extracted owing to the concentration of healing compounds collected in the oil.

A few drops of this essential oil may boost your health and mind. Maybe as a stress buster at the end of a heavy working day or solution for your flawless glowing skin, and have an equal effect of aromatherapy along with many other personalized uses.

Are you looking for a glance at what’s for what? So, Lavender, cedarwood, lemon, bergamot, orange, and valerian have stress-busting quality while Lemon, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, oregano, thyme, orange, and cinnamon are immunity boosters.On one hand, Lavender, carrot seed, rose, rosehip, frankincense, geranium, tea tree, ylang-ylang, and patchouli cares for your skin whether,Lemon and peppermint are for a pick-me-up, and Cinnamon, pine, and lemon love to clean.

 Essential’s about use of Essential Oil 

Essential oil could not escape the law of the universe; everything under heaven has its boons and curses. Therefore, to extract the most of its benefits, it is crucial to be aware of its safety guidelines. Well, no worries, it’s here for you: 

Before Buying

Check The Label: Essential oils could be used in ways such as topically, aromatically, and internally. It is suggested to notice which are edible oils and which are for external uses and avoiding the mismatch.

The Expiry Date: As a well-aware consumer, we never overlook this important factor. Here, just knocking you for checking the expiry date of the product without failing.

Consultation: Considering one’s medical condition, it is recommended to consult your physician before choosing the right essential oil for your well-being.

Usage: Too much of a good thing may even cause unwanted results. So, it is proposed to use your favorite essential oil as it is said by a physician or the dosages written on the label. It means if it is said to use it twice a day, do not go for more as your body needs time to work.

Keep in Mind; Dilute The Oil: Dilution might just be the single most important factor when it comes to using essential oils efficiently in skincare. The more diluted the essential oil is, the lesser is the risk of an adverse skin reaction. A concentrated essential oil does not reap more benefit for your skin condition but a mixture of it with a carrier oil for example coconut oil or as such.

Keep away from: Essential oil is bliss for some skin conditions but a curse for damaged skin. Exposing your wounds to essential oil may turn to be dangerous.

Things, that are good for you, but may not be for your lovely pet. It may be allergic to them. Keep away your pet from the place you are inhaling it through diffuser or having a massage. Cleaning, if it is spilled off, will be safe for your pet’s tender paws. 

Essential oils exposed to sunlight affects their composition and may not give the desired result. So, keep it away from sunlight.


Keep your oil away from children and pets.
Do not Ingest your oil. It is for external usage only.
Always do a patch test for any new and different essential oil.
Consult your physician for any allergic condition experienced after usage.
Don’t use during the mom-to-be moment, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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