Doesn't the idea of "cleaning with essential oils” intrigue you? especially when you notice, that the majority of cleaning products in the market contain toxic and harsh chemicals. The use of such chemicals at home can slowly and surely jeopardize your family's health. So, toss the toxins and supernaturally clean your home. Essential oils harness the plant's power, providing you with an effective way to care for your family in every way.  

How to use essential oils for cleaning?

  1. For light soiled surfaces, use them undiluted. Simply add a few drops of any essential oils you have chosen to a cleaning cloth.
  2. Make a home-based cleaning mix for more difficult dirt. Blend equal parts white vinegar and water with a few drops of essential oils.

Try using the below essential oils without worrying about nauseating chemicals.

Lemon oil

Probably one of the most commonly thought oils, when it comes to cleaning. And there’s an obvious reason for it.! Besides being a strong natural cleaner, it also does offer a fresh scent. And then it’s antibacterial and antiviral. These properties harnessed in the oil keep undesired germs at bay. Being an effective cleaner, it can be used to clean various surfaces. From kitchen cabinets, and sinks with dirt and stains, to disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces of oily granite tops, floors, and toilets. Remarkably, this oil is best for domestic applications.

Eucalyptus oil

It is well-known for its property to open up the nasal airways. But did you have an idea of its cleaning, too? It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It’s particularly important at fighting off nasty substances such as mold.

Lavender oil

Although known for its soothing benefits, it is a natural cleaner too. It contains natural antibacterial and anti-odor properties. Plus, it’s very gentle to use around little children. Adding it to your cleaning routine not only leaves your home sensing fresh but also free of bacteria.

Tea tree oil

It has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Just about all you need right there in one plant! Verily! a study found that it helps fight against the influenza virus. This can be great for routine cleaning, but even more effective during the cold season.

This oil act as a natural deodorizer to get rid of strong body odor. DIY natural hand sanitizer at home is remarkable, that leaves your skin gentle. 

Thyme oil

You may keep thyme as a spice in your kitchen cupboard, but it should also be an essential oil for kitchen counters. Its powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it good at killing food-borne bacteria. Recent studies have shown, its strength against E.coli and salmonella micro-organisms as well. For this, it’s a top go-to essential oil for cleaning cutting boards and oily masala-laced kitchen utensils when paired with lemon as it fights food-borne pathogens.

Cinnamon oil

You might not think of it initially as a natural cleaner, but it’s considered an oil of prosperity and protection. It’s great for eradicating stale air and odors.

Pine oil

It is one of those scents that just smell clean. Just look at the ever famed pine sol – a multi-surface cleaner. Additionally, it’s a powerful agent against household germs, including E.coli, mold, yeast spores, and mildew.

So, if you are looking for natural ingredients, to help keep harmful microbes and germs away, try out the discussed essential oils.  And that’s definitely something you must have always wanted, given your high concerns for hygiene. There is hardly any way around, which can cater to your need for cleaning, as much as these essentials oils can..

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